For Sale: Used underwater camera package

For Sale  used items in good condition : A package of  Underwater Camera
Updated ( 6 Nov 2008 ) SOLD OUT – SOLD OUT – SOLD OUT – SOLD OUT

1.    Nikon D 70 and 18 – 70 mm Nikon AD IF  DX
2.    Diopter Filter for 18 – 70 mm lens.
3.    Ikelite Housing for D 70.
4.    Dome Port and sleeve gear for 18 – 70 mm lens.
5.    Ikelite Strobe SA 100 ( one )
6.    Sync Cord Cable
7.    O-rings
8.    One light arm for strobe

Price Rp 12,000,000,- ( dua belas juta rupiah / nett )
For more queries and any bidder please contact


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