Frog Fish

Frog fish normally this species is called instead of anglerfish. This three species below was photographed in Lembeh Strait, Bitung – North Sulawesi. A paradise for muck dive ever known on planet.
A white – The Clown anglerfish ( antennarius maculates ) stands out of rubber bottom. Its lure resembling a small fish but on vertical rock faces with short filamentous algae it is less obvious. Adults develop wart-like swelling. While the others. The yellows one is another color variation of painted anglerfish. Its looking for all the world like part of the scenery. Its patience and vigilance will doubtless pay off.

As their common name implies, frogfish are lumpy and have big upturned mouth. They sit , usually well camouflaged on strong pectoral fins waiting for unsuspecting prey. To entice little fish closer, the frogfish dangles a lure like appendage in front of its mouth. One big gulp and lunch served.

Frogfish is often found in association with a small sponge on the sea floor. Color matching with its habitat greatly facilitates the anglerfish’s ambushing strategies.
This speciment of painted anglerfish was found on a sandy bottom. Its extendible mouth and expandable stomach can accommodate surprisingly large prey.
Since mostly founded within shallow. Frogfish always is trying to mimic the corals, sponges or surrounding. When you diving in Lembeh, among sandy weed and rubble zones it is always worth carefully examining sponges to see. If you can not spot anglerfish.
So watch out.


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    16 February 2009 14:58:36



    cantik! cantik! cantik!
    semuanya cantiiiiikkkkk!

    duh, mahluk2 cantik ini jangan sampe cuma di eksploitasi doang.

    i wanna do sumthing utk meningkatkan kesadaran masyarakat thd kelestarian lingkungan, termasuk laut. sering gemes dan kesel kl liat pd buang sampah sembarangan, nangkep ikan dg cara yg ga bener, sampe ke akuarium air laut. what can i do?
    kl di bbrp pantai di jogja kan ada penangkaran penyu, bisa jd donatur mungkin ya…

    duh….duh duh…cantik2 sekali mahluk2 itu….

    cintai laut, cintai bumi!!

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    6 March 2009 13:50:59


    ya Tuhan indah bangat ciptaan Mu itu,

    Ikan:Ih Kamu sudah tergila-gila sama aku jadi jangan pernah musnahin aku ya



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